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20190221 Reactions to the questions asked on biomass during the consultation on energy on February 13th
Cabinet denies the claim that renewable energy from biomass is not sustainable. Answers are found on pages 1-3. Considering the importance cabinet attached to the applicatiom of sustainably produced biomass, it wants to draft one overarching sustainability framework for all sorts of biomass. One sustainability framework will prevent that a rising demand for biomass will conflict with ecosystems and food distribution, amongst others. Cabinet will involve stakeholders in drafting this framework.

20190220 Answers to the questions of CDA and VVD on the transgression of the budget for the costs of elektrical vehicles
The cabinet states it considers the fiscal measures as an essential investment to accellerate the transition to emission free driving. From that perspective, the excession of the budget is a positive development. Simultaneously, the cabinet does not consider overstimulation to be desirable. For that reason, as of January 1st 2019 the catalogue price of vehicles eligible for environmental discount has been limited to EUR 50.000 and the MIA has been sobered down. No reason fur any further adaptions as of this moment.

20190218 Adaptation of the regulation on stimulating sustainable energy production
The criteria for assessing the sustainability of biomass from wood have temporarily been changed (until 2020). The regulation also addresses to what extent biomass from wood and tignin is eligible for subsidies.

20190213 Questions Committee on Infrastructure and Water Management on the implementation of E10
The implementation of E10 has been discussed in the Committee of Infrastructure and Water Management. VVD (positive towards E10), PVV and D66 (neutral) and PvdD (negative) have asked questions to the state secretary considering the use of E5 and E10 and the effects on environment and sustainabity goal.

20190207 Written questions CDA and VVD on the transgression of the budget for the costs of elektrical vehicles
On February 7th, MPs Pieter Omtzigt (CDA) and Helma Lodders (VVD) asked questions to the state secretary for Finance on the costs of fiscal measures to stimulate electric driving. Costs were EUR 200 mln in 2018, but only EUR 140 mnl was reserved in the budget. MPs ask when will be assessed whether the regulation will have to be adapted due to the rising costs.

20190128 The draft Royal Decree on the mandatory introduction of E10 has been published
The draft Royal Decree on the mandatory introduction of E10 has been published on Monday, January 28. The NVDB has been involved in the preparations of the text and most comments are reflected in the final draft. The introduction of E10 increases the security that more single counting biofuels will be supplied to the Dutch market. This makes the realization of 2020 climate targets more predictable and also has a strong relation with post-2020 limitations that are based on the RED2.

20190125 PBL projections on achievement 2020 climate targets
Today, PBL published its report (find here) with the prospects regarding the achievement of climate and energy targets for 2020 (on CO2- reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency). Earlier, the predicted CO2-reduction for 2020 was estimated at 23%, while the Court decided in the Urgenda-case that 25% CO2-reduction by 2020 was a binding target for the Dutch government. PBL concludes in its latest report that none of the targets will be achieved by 2020 (unless radical measures are taken).

20190122 Questions in Parliament regarding (the introduction of) E10
VVD has asked questions to the State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management regarding the E10 introduction in the Netherlands. The party advocates for a quick(er) introduction. VVD also asks for a clarification on the benefits of E10 and how access to E5 for incompatible vehicles is secured. Furthermore, questions are asked about the costs related to E10 for consumers as well as production and what options are available for tax incentives. The State Secretary will answer the questions within the following two weeks.

20190118 Decision Council of State regarding mobile machines
The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State (Afdeling bestuursrechtspraak Raad van State) has published its decision regarding the enforcement of the mandate by the NEa (in the period 2011-2014). It has concluded that not all petrol/diesel supplied to mobile machinery should have been included in the denominator for the calculation of the required number of biotickets.

20181221 Offer letter concerning the design Climate Agreement by Ed Nijpels
Letter from Climate Council Chairman Ed Nijpels to Minister Wiebes of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, on behalf of the draft of the Climate Agreement.

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