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20180822 Answers to Parliamentary questions about electric transport
Secretary of State Van Veldhoven (IenW) answered questions from MP Sienot (D66) about the message 'Only 3 percent new cars electric: the fault of car dealers?'

20180712 Letter to Parliament on NEa report energy transport 2017
State Secretary Van Veldhoven (I&W) has sent the NEa report on renewable energy in transport in 2017 to Parliament. The report is based on the renewable transport fuels that were checked-in in 2017 in exchange for HBE’s (‘Renewable Fuel Units’) and the HBE’s that are claimed by fuel suppliers to comply with the mandate for 2017. New to the report in comparison with last year, is the inclusion of the extensive reporting on CO2-emissions, the classification of HBE’s in ‘conventional’, ‘advanced’ and ‘other’ and a list that states the individual companies that have checked-in HBE’s and/or have to comply with the mandate (annex IX to the NEa report).

20180730 Proposal for the cornerstones of the Climate Agreement
The Climate Agreement has reached an important milestone. All parties that have cooperated in the past months currently endorse the 'proposals for main lines'. It is now up to the government and the House of Representatives to make directional choices. After that, the parties are able to work out the main lines of the agreement in a concrete and binding way. The objective is to present an agreement with signatures at the end of this year.

20180730 Extensive version of the contribution of the sector table for mobility
This working document contains the proposals discussed at the Mobility sector table. The content is borne by the parties at the table. Further elaboration of the proposals is foreseen in the second half of 2018.

20180417 Answers to the remaining questions of the debate on Sustainable Transport (first term)
Please find here the answers to the remaining questions of the debate on Sustainable Transport. The answers relate to DPF’s, electromobility, mopeds, tires and bicycles, and do not relate to the use of biofuels.

20180412 Questions on biofuels concerning the ICAO CORSIA rules package for aviation
Recently the Minister of I&W answered questions asked by D66 considering the ICAO CORSIA rules package on aviation. One question specifically focussed on sustainability criteria for biofuels in the CORSIA rules package and the Dutch position in the negotiations. The Minister stated that the Netherlands has always pointed out the importance of sustainability criteria (for biokerosene).

20180411 Letter State Secretary considering the amendment to the ILUC implementation to exclude wastes and residues from the cap
Last week, the State Secretary if I&W send a letter about the execution amendment explaining that: biofuels produced from animal based wastes and residues will in fact be excluded from the cap (such as animal fat cat. 3); but biofuels produced from vegetable based wastes and residues will not be excluded from the cap (unless listed on Annex IX of the RED).

20180404 Draft for Consultation Ministerial Regulation for Energy in Transport
On April 4, the draft ‘Ministerial Regulation for Energy in Transport’ (‘Regeling energie vervoer’) that implements the ILUC Directive and art. 7a FQD was published for consultation.

20180327 Draft version of the Cabinet Decision regarding the adaption of the National Air Quality Cooperation Programme
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management (I&W) has published a draft version of the Cabinet Decision regarding the adaption of the National Air Quality Cooperation Programme (Nationaal Samenwerkingsprogramma Luchtkwaliteit, NSL) 2018. This draft Decision involves a bottleneck analysis and introduces a series of measures to improve air quality. The reason for adjusting the NSL is the exceedance of threshold values for air quality on a number of points.

20180327 Questions by GroenLinks in Dutch Senate on the ILUC implementation
The government is asked about its position on the RED2. In the questions reference is made to the call on the government to advocate for CO2-reduction in combination with ILUC, the use of advanced biofuels and the ban on biofuels produced from palm and soy oil. Since in the earlier reply to the questions of Senate the government stated that it would focus on making the use of palm and soy oil for biofuels “less attractive”, it is now asked to clarify if this means a ban on the use of these feedstocks for biofuels (in line with the motion) or not.

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