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20190716 Wiebes: "Climate agreement is very bearable, also for the industry"
The Climate Agreement has ultimately become a milder version of the concept that was presented last year. However, small- and medium-sized businesses are worried what will happen to them. In an interview with VNO NCW, Eric Wiebes answers some relevant questions.

20190213 Neste’s renewable fuels reduce GHG emissions by 7.9 million tons
In 2018, Neste's renewable fuels helped private motorists as well as professional and commercial drivers in several geographic markets to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by altogether 7.9 million tons, equaling the annual carbon footprint of almost 500,000 average U.S. citizens.

20190204 BHP, NYK, GoodFuels and BLOC collaborate to progress sustainable biofuel bunkering in Rotterdam, verified with blockchain
On February 4th global mining company BHP, Japanese shipping company NYK, leading sustainable biofuel company GoodFuels and BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration) the leading developer of blockchain applications for the maritime industry, announced the successful delivery of sustainable biofuels to the BHP-chartered, NYK-owned bulk carrier Frontier Sky, with CO2 savings verified with BLOC’s blockchain fuels assurance platform.

20190131 Two countries are the reason the EU is hitting its ambitious renewable energy targets
The EU now gets more than 30% of its electricity from renewable sources, up from 12% in 2000. At the current rate of growth, the European bloc can increase the proportion of renewables in its electricity mix to 50% by 2030, according to a new report published by think tanks Sandbag and Agora Energiewende.

20190125 Goals stated in the Urgenda case and Energy Agreement for 2020 are not in sight
Three Dutch climate and energy targets for 2020 are not in sight. In 2020, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is expected to be 21% compared to 1990, with a possible variation between 17 and 24%. The goal of 25% reduction, from the verdict in the Urgenda trial, is therefore not achieved. Also, the share of renewable energy in 2020 is expected to reach 12.2%. This means that the EU target of 14% is not within reach ether.

20190122 Biofuels and air quality: IEA confirms that ethanol lowers pollutants
Blending ethanol in petrol has an immediate impact on reducing emissions of harmful air pollutants from today’s cars, a new report from the International Energy Agency confirms. The finding supports the need for higher ethanol blends such as E85 as EU countries struggle to achieve their decarbonisation targets.

20190121 Extra 'climate-setback' cabinet; an additional 9 megatons of CO2 reduction is required
As a result of the Urgenda case, the Cabinet must reduce CO2 emissions by an additional 9 megatons. The chances are that in the short term, the Cabinet will have to take additional drastic measures to tackle the climate problem, according to various sources from The Hague.

2019011 Electric driving for all of us is an illusion
The government wants people to solely buy electric cars from 2030 onwards. That would be necessary for the energy transition to succeed. However, Jan Hessels Miedema, who recently obtained his PhD at the University of Groningen at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Studies (IVEM), claims this is not possible. In his dissertation, he studied the contribution of electric driving to the energy transition. He came up with a striking result: in 2050 all electric driving is an illusion.

20190108 Three types of Renewable Fuel Units are created by the booking of renewable energy
On January 1, 2019, 8.79 million Renewable Fuel Units (HBEs) have become available in the Energy Transport Register (REV). This can be read in the HBE report that was published in January. In this report, a distinction is made between HBEs saved in 2017 and HBEs created by entries in 2018.

20181218 Tamoil sees plenty of opportunities for blue diesel
At the Petrol station in Tamoil in Alkmaar it has recently become possible to refuel blue diesel. The remaining eight Tamoil locations where this HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is available at the pump are in Friesland. According to Ronald Kempen, director of Tamoil Nederland, Blue Diesel is a very interesting transition fuel.

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