Report from Biomass Research / University Wageningen.

20130703 - EU bioenergy potential from a resource‑efficiency perspective
A report from the EEA with a review of the implications of resource efficiency principles for developing EU bioenergy production.

20130620 - The EU’s Indirect Land Use Change Fable
Study by the Initiative for Public Policy Analysis (IPPA) on the EU’s Indirect Land Use Change.

20130425 - PBL: Evaluatie van opties om het Europese emissiehandelssysteem te hervormen
Op verzoek van het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu rekende het PBL (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving) de mogelijke effecten van deze voorstellen om het functioneren van het ETS structureel te verbeteren uit.

20130425 - Ecofys : Assessing the EC ILUC proposal
This report aims to support the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment with a view to negotiations on EU biofuels policy and Indirect Land Use Change, which currently take place in EU context.

2013022 - Study CE Delft, biofuels on the Dutch market
A study by CE-Delft of several oil companies in the Netherlands on the basis of the average CO2 savings from biofuels.

20130215 - PBL Report 2012 Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Report from 2012 containing a quick-scan analysis of the biomass demand of a bio-based economy in 2030 compared to the sustainable supply.

20130208 - Oxfam report Poor Government, Good Business
How land investors target countries with weak governance. Investors are buying up vast tracks of land across the developing world in a modern day „land rush‟. This media brief explores where land is changing hands and why. It finds that investors are targeting countries with weak governance in order to secure land quickly and cheaply - putting the homes and livelihoods of some of the world‟s most vulnerable communities at risk. Oxfam‟s GROW campaign is calling on the World Bank to lead the fight against land grabs.

20121129 Cost and risks of the import of RES Statistics by the Dutch government.
This paper presents a first estimate of the costs and risks of a potential import of renewable energy statistics by the Dutch Government in order to meet the binding renewable energy (RE) target of 14% by 2020.

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