20161011 European Climate Foundation report on responsible innovation for Liquid Fuels
The Biofrontiers platform launched policy recommendations on 11 October 2016, following over a year of discussion between industry and civil society about the technical, economic and environmental issues associated with developing the next generation of low-carbon fuels. The platform concluded that with robust sustainability assurance, there is a compelling case for strong advanced alternative fuel incentives.

20160908 NEa impact assessment on conventional biofuels limit in transport
This impact assessment by the Dutch Emission Authority (NEa) looks into the effects of the height of the biofuels cap on its contribution to emission reduction.

20160908 NEA report on energy in transport in the Netherlands in 2015
This report from the Dutch emission authority (NEa) covers the regulatory compliance for energy in transport in 2015.

20160911 Ecofys proposal for a sub-target for most advanced biofuels
This Ecofys report advices the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to implement a fitting sub-target of 0,5% advanced biofuels.

20160908 NEa report on the compliance strategy for renewable energy in transport
The Dutch Emission Authority (NEa) published a compliance strategy for renewable energy in transport. The strategy explains how NEa will stimulate the compliance of companies with the national system for renewable energy in transport in an effective and efficient way and how it can address the main risks.

20160908 NEa Quick scan legislation double counting biofuels
The Dutch Emission Authority’s quick scan covers the legislation on double counting biofuels and the vulnerabilities in the system.

20160908 Advisory Report by the Dutch Sustainability Unit
This report, which was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, covers the impact of transportation biofuels on developing countries.

20160922 Epure annual statistics on the renewable ethanol industry
This annual report shows the statistics on the European ethanol industry for 2016.

20160928 CBS report on renewable energy in the Netherlands in 2015
This report from CBS (Dutch statistical bureau) shows the developments on renewable energy in electricity, heating and transport. It states that the Netherlands achieved a 5.8% share of renewable energy in 2015, most of which is biomass and windenergy. The contribution of biofuels used in transport was 11% of the total consumption of renewable energy in the Netherlands.

20160728 OECD – FAO report: Agricultural Outlook 2016 -2025 – Biofuels Chapter
The report analyses world commodity market trends and medium term prospects for the main agricultural products. It shows how these markets are influenced by economic developments and government policies and highlights some of the risks and uncertainties that may influence market outcomes.

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