20140620 - Voortgangsrapportage SER Energieakkoord
Progress evaluation of the SER Energy Agreement for a sustainable growth, accompanied with a letter from the Minister of Economic Affairs.

20140338 - Re-designing the European Climate and Energy policies post-2020
Taking into account the changing energy dynamics, this paper analyses thus the state of play of these objectives today in order to better understand how the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies should be designed.

20140328 - Biofuels and local food security
Report written by Anna Locke, Head of ODI’s Agricultural Development and Policy programme and Giles Henley, Research Officer

20140305 - Advice on double counting policy for better biofuels
Advice from the Dutch Sustainable Biomass Commission (Corbey Commission)

20140117 - IEA Renewable Energy Medium Term Market Report
Market Trends and Projections to 2018. World biofuels production is expected to reach 2.36 mb/d in 2018, up 0.5 mb/d from 2012.

20131220 - Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Draft Post-Implementation Review
Report from UK's Department for Transport with an evaluation of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation - policy.

20131127 - The Role of Biofuels Beyond 2020
Biofuels could be a more cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gases than electric vehicles, at least in the short term, according to a new report by UK-based Element Energy.

20131106 - Bringing biofuels on the market
Summary: The CE Delft/TNO report ‘Bringing biofuels on the market’ provides a "handbook" on biofuels - a comprehensive overview of different types of biofuels, and the technical options that exist to market the biofuels volumes expected to be consumed in the EU Member States in 2020.

20131002 - Report: Virtually no biofuels on the EU market come from grabbed land
Commissioned by ePURE, a new Ecofys study now finds that the acreage of land possibly subject to land grabbing caused by EU biofuels demand is far less than often presented

20130813 - Houtkap voor bio-energie kan tot meer CO2-uitstoot leiden
Wood taken from forests is a carbon-neutral energy source in the long term, but there are many examples of potential sources of wood used for bioenergy for which net emission reductions are not achieved in 10 to 40 years –the time frame for most climate policy mitigation targets. A report by PBL / Wageningen University.

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